Our Agency

We started out in 1999 with a firm belief that there’s a better way to do things. A better way to work. With clients. And with each other. Though what we do has expanded as we’ve grown, that belief hasn’t changed one bit.

Facts & Confessions of the 38 Spots.

I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 15.

My first job out of college included delivering toilet seats.

1 Spot speaks Swahili

4 Spots are former band geeks

3 Spots bike to work

Our Roots

DIY is in our DNA

Threespot’s founders were in two different post-punk DC bands (one of which people have actually heard of). As a company, we’ve always embraced the punk-inspired, do-it-yourself ethos. So collaborating, working hard, and thinking on our feet is who we are, and who we’ve always been.

Join Us

Even if you don’t see a job listing that’s right for you, feel free to send us your info—we’ll get in touch when an opportunity comes up.

Find Us

Birthplace of the Half Smoke, Mumbo Sauce, and Threespot.

For as long as we’ve had an office, we’ve been committed to doing business in Washington, DC. We settled in Columbia Heights because it is easy for our employees and our clients to reach by car, bike, foot, or Metro. We have loved growing up alongside the neighborhood, surrounded by many of DC’s off-the-beaten path bars and restaurants.

3333 14th Street NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20010


  • Threespot World HQ

  • 3 spots for parking

    • DCUSA Parking Lot
      3100 14th St NW
    • Giant Parking Lot
      1345 Park Rd NW
    • Holmead Place
  • 3 spots for coffee

    • Le Caprice DC
      3460 14th St NW
    • Starbucks
      3107 14th Street NW
    • Sticky Fingers Bakery
      1370 Park Rd NW
  • 3 spots for eats

    • Cava Mezze Grill
      3105 14th St NW
    • Pete's Apizza
      1400 Irving St NW
    • Pho 14
      1436 Park Rd NW
  • 3 spots for beer

    • Meridian Pint
      3400 11th St NW
    • Red Derby
      3718 14th St NW
    • Wonderland
      1101 Kenyon St NW
DC: Taxation without representation

Our Space

Our offices are in the historic Tivoli Theatre building, a recently-restored 1924 movie theatre. Our studio is an open collaborative workspace, and despite all the activity it still manages to be a place where we can put our heads down (or together), focus, and get good work done.

Locker Room