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Working to create a world without human suffering

Classroom of children in Lagos, Nigeria
Classroom of children in Lagos, Nigeria

The Hilton Foundation approached Threespot during a period of growth for their organization: new leadership was coming on, and they wanted to increase their online presence and communication with peer foundations, grantees, policy audiences, and the public. Threespot led a rebranding effort to underscore the Hilton Foundation’s reputation as an enduring, forward-looking force for good, and translated those values into a new, user-friendly website.

Rebranding Future

The Hilton Foundation’s new visual identity sets the tone for their messaging going forward. Threespot created modern logos and other brand assets for both the Foundation and the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize that incorporate Conrad Hilton’s signature, balancing a personal connection to the foundation’s past and forward movement into the future.

Screenshots of Zero to Three website in a browser window and on a mobile phone
Image of Conrad Hilton overlaid on text
New business card designs
Hilton logo in white on blue gradient background

Website Redesign

Intuitive, flexible, and well-built: The new, Threespot-designed offers a deeper look at the priorities that drive the organization and the grantees turning that mission into reality. We put the most critical information front-and-center so visitors don’t have to dig to learn what makes the Foundation unique, and created cross-platform solutions to sync the most up-to-date grant data directly to the website.

Screenshots of the Hilton website on a desktop browser and a phone

Resultsof Website Redesign

Visitors spend between 35%–64% more time

on the Hilton Foundation’s site than on peer foundations’ sites.

Email Strategy

The Hilton Foundation’s email strategy was stuck in the past, so Threespot brought them up to speed from both a technical and strategy perspective. We took the Foundation’s old email sign-up process and condensed it down to a quick, user-friendly progression.

Progress bar showing status from email subscription through verification
Screenshot of the Hilton email signup process. Screenshot of a Hilton email on mobile.

Resultsof Email Strategy

Email signups increased by 35%

after the new process was implemented.


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  • Enterprise digital strategy
  • Online & offline campaign development
  • Organizational change mgmt.
  • Social media strategy & training
  • Workflow & staffing consultation
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  • Content development
  • User interface design
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