National Museum of African American History and Culture

America’s story, African Americans’ perspectives

Man lifting his baby daughter in the air
Man lifting his baby daughter in the air

Extending the National Mall’s newest museum beyond its four walls and into the palm of your hand.

A hundred years in the making, the National Museum for African American History and Culture (NMAAHC)’s Grand Opening required and deserved a strong digital strategy. Threespot helped NMAAHC develop a voice and content model to serve the massive interest from national and international audiences, and then helped them implement it by providing support throughout the Grand Opening. Guided by Threespot’s analysis of what engaged users and what didn’t, NMAAHC now has a strong foundation for building its ongoing social media and content strategy.

Social Media Graphics

NMAAHC’s in-person opening weekend events had a strong voice and point-of-view, and they wanted to make sure that audiences participating online heard that, too. Threespot’s design team created social share graphics to engage users and drive them back to the museum homepage, where they could explore the museum without a visit to Washington.

Promotional image for a story on Tuskegee Airman, Lt. Rodger Terry, showing a biplane flying over trees
Social media promo image of a plantation-era cabin
Social media promo image of Harriet Tubman’s hymnal
Social media promo image of Althea Gibson

Resultsof Social Media Graphics

Over 80,000 incoming website visits from social media

for the week leading up to and including the Grand Opening.

Animated Video Bumpers

NMAAHC’s collection includes hours of unique, engaging video content, and they needed viewers to understand who was preserving and making those videos available to the public. Threespot designed these video bumpers to literally put NMAAHC’s stamp on their content.

Screenshot of video title screen showing NMAAHC logo

Social Listening and Strategy

Threespot set up tools to curate the thousands of user-generated social media posts about the Grand Opening and to gather information on how people were reacting to the museum, whether they were live-tweeting big speakers from home or Instagramming themselves within the museum. Threespot was able to assess the impact of NMAAHC’s message inside and beyond its walls and to make a strong case for how to use the museum’s digital program as a tool to bring the museum’s collection to more Americans in the future.

Typography example on light background
Screenshot of a tweet from NMAAHC
People sitting on a bench in the museum
Typography example on dark background
Artistic photo of a spiral staircase in the museum


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