National Parks Conservation Association

The movement to conserve America’s public land

Woman in rain coat walking on a rocky trail toward a house with a snow-covered mountain in the background
Woman in rain coat walking on a rocky trail toward a house with a snow-covered mountain in the background

The National Parks Conservation Association wanted digital tools to bring park-goers’ voices into their fight to protect public lands. Threespot worked with the NPCA to identify and build the right tools to help Americans lend their voices and their wallets to support national parks.

Website Redesign

We built a new to help users advocate for parks with ease. We designed a new information architecture and aesthetic optimized for how we thought people wanted to engage around parks, and we verified those assumptions with rigorous usability testing. The whole website was based on a content strategy to create ongoing connections between each park, advocacy opportunity, and campaign success, to build an ongoing narrative of NPCA’s decades of protecting parks.

Screenshots of NPCA’s homepage
Screenshots of NPCA interior page
Examples of NPCA typographic elements
Photo of a trail sign
NPCA button styled like a trail sign
Examples of promos designed to look like badges
Screenshot of page showing articles related to Zion National Park
Examples of article promos
Example of fact component design

Resultsof Website Redesign

A clear story of how NPCA’s work saves parks.

Donation Prompts

As NPCA moved into end-of-year fundraising, Threespot built on our initial website design to optimize for donations. We created a homepage overlay to make the case for financially supporting NPCA and to level up supporters from advocates to donors.

Screenshot of a donation prompt that reads, “Double your impact for our national parks! Donate now.”

Resultsof Donation Prompts

70% more online donations

within a one-year period.

Rapid Response Microsite

NPCA knew that a federal budget battle was looming, and they wanted to be ready to fight for parks funding. Together, we launched—a story collection tool—on an expedited timeline. After working together to establish goals for the website and how users would navigate it, Threespot designed a mobile-friendly front-end story-collection form and back-end database. MyParkStory allows Americans to easily demonstrate just how much they value the public lands in their legislators’ backyards. Since that time the stories have proved to be such valuable assets in NPCA’s lobbying efforts that we redesigned the site and integrated the functionality into their main site.

Screenshot of the NPCA My Park Story website homepage

Resultsof microsite

A campaign-ready microsite

built in less than one month.


  • Brand strategy & architecture
  • Content & editorial strategy
  • Enterprise digital strategy
  • Online & offline campaign development
  • Organizational change mgmt.
  • Social media strategy & training
  • Workflow & staffing consultation
  • Information architecture
  • Content development
  • User interface design
  • Data visualization & infographics
  • CMS consultation
  • CMS integration & development
  • Application design & development
  • Mobile websites & applications
  • Software consultation
  • Web development
  • Quality assurance
  • Usability testing
  • Search engine optimization

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