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Man lifting his baby daughter in the air
Man lifting his baby daughter in the air

Parents, teachers, and policymakers were struggling to find the information they needed to support babies’ development in Zero to Three’s vast library of online resources. Threespot created a modern website design and information architecture so that audiences would spend less time searching and more time absorbing Zero to Three’s advice.

Digital Content Strategy

Zero to Three was sitting on a goldmine of content, but a lack of content strategy meant that their site visitors had to really dig to find the information they needed. Prior to our redesign of, Threespot conducted extensive audience research to identify the ways that key stakeholders and target users navigate.

Screenshots of Zero to Three website in a browser window and on a mobile phone

Resultsof Website Redesign

Key resources were downloaded over 200,000 times

in the first 10 months.

Visual Identity

Zero to Three’s mission is supporting children in their earliest years, but they do that in large part by working with professionals. Threespot created a versatile visual identity that keeps babies at the forefront of Zero to Three’s digital and print products without infantilizing the people who are consuming their content. By conveying both the playfulness of infancy and the gravity of early childhood development, Zero to Three’s new visual identity supports all audiences and aspects of their work.

Zero to Three’s new logo
Examples of promo components
Zero to Three logo on dark blue background
Newborn baby being cradled

Membership Architecture

Threespot conducted an extensive technology exploration during Zero to Three’s initial redesign because we knew that no single out-of-the box solutions would serve them into the future. As Zero to Three transitioned into a membership organization, we iterated on our initial design to meet their new needs. We integrated member-exclusive resource options using Nimble AMS and Salesforce, creating easy connections between their new membership database and their website.

Screenshots of the Membership page
Screenshots of a listing of upcoming virtual events

Analytics Support

Zero to Three wanted to make digital analytics work for them without hiring an in-house analytics team. Threespot staff interviewed internal stakeholders to understand what they wanted to get out of analytics, and based on what they requested, we set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts to track key indicators. Threespot’s analytics staff trained Zero to Three’s existing digital team on how to pull and interpret data to meet the organization’s needs.


  • Brand strategy & architecture
  • Content & editorial strategy
  • Enterprise digital strategy
  • Online & offline campaign development
  • Organizational change mgmt.
  • Social media strategy & training
  • Workflow & staffing consultation
  • Information architecture
  • Content development
  • User interface design
  • Data visualization & infographics
  • CMS consultation
  • CMS integration & development
  • Application design & development
  • Mobile websites & applications
  • Software consultation
  • Web development
  • Quality assurance
  • Usability testing
  • Search engine optimization

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