About Us

Our mission is nothing short of revolution.

We’ve been building digital strategies to push causes forward since 1999. We meet every challenge with the same intensity, whether the mission is changing the world or changing a neighborhood block by block.


Threespot employees sitting on steps at the company retreat


We Give a Damn

We are creatives and strategists each with diverse identities, perspectives, values, and experiences. But we share an innate acknowledgment of our personal responsibility to society. So, we spend our time imagining what the world could be at its best and do what we can to help it get there.


DIY is in Our DNA

The spirit of DIY is deeply embedded in Threespot, which is grounded in DC’s punk subculture of the 80s and 90’s. Being in a band during that time period—like both of our founders were—meant booking your own shows, distributing your own music, and generally making it up as you went along. There was a need for the unheard to be heard; so underground bands, all creative outsiders, solved the problem themselves.

This ethos is at the heart of how Threespot came to be and how it has evolved. There was no school for digital communications, so in our early days, building and launching websites meant figuring out how to do it ourselves through trial and error.

Over the years, this inherent curiosity has yielded an agency where our band of creative outsiders, contrarians, visionaries, and passionate storytellers are encouraged to be themselves and to stretch and grow in their craft. Wearing multiple hats, collaborating, working hard, thinking on our feet, and constantly learning and evolving as we go is who we are now, and who we’ve always been.


People & Planet Over All

We’ve always held ourselves to a high standard, and in 2015 we challenged ourselves to become a Certified B Corp® to push us even further.

From pay equity, to flexible PTO, carbon neutrality, and a commitment to both diversity and community action, we continually challenge ourselves to reach the highest possible standards of people and planet-first business practices.

Review our B Impact Report

B corp certified with Overall B impact score of 105.5.


Everything Starts with Equity-Centered Design

Systemic advantages, barriers, and harm are by design, which means, with intentionality, they can and must be redesigned1

At Threespot, we center equity in our approach, not just in how we work together, but in how we help the most impactful nonprofits, foundations, and organizations deliver on their missions.

Cultivating a diverse team

We’re committed to solving complex problems by bringing diverse perspectives, empathetic ears, and mutual understanding to every conversation.

Radically challenging lenses

We intentionally examine how lived experiences and biases impact the stories told about a cause, an organization, and its community.

Driven by principle, not process

We see a project as a collaborative effort of a team of experts—on our side as well as our partners—collaborating toward a shared vision of the final product.

Staying open to learning

We aim to always learn from each other, our clients, and our communities to evolve our approach towards a more equitable future.

Leaving the world better than we found it

We are here to help recreate a society that is accessible, transparent, and anti-racist by design.

  1. Learn about the Redesigners for Justice™️ movement from the Creative Reaction Lab ↩︎

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