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Examining the Legacy of Slavery in America

The Pulitzer Center raises awareness of underreported global issues and provides a unique program of education and public outreach. In partnership with The New York Times, the Pulitzer Center organized just such an initiative in The 1619 Project Education Network, a learning community that allows educators to create and share curricular resources based on the groundbreaking 1619 Project. To cultivate this community and more effectively distribute its educational resources, the Pulitzer Center worked with Threespot to create the Webby Award-winning The 1619 Project Education Materials Collection website.

Since its launch in late 2021, over 55,000 people have visited the 1619 Education Materials Collection website.

Engaged Educators Empower Students

On this portal, teachers can find curricula, reading guides, webinars, and related materials. Educators can also see examples of student work and easily connect with other teachers who have used these resources in their own classrooms.

The wide array of lesson plans and activities help students think about what it means to share a national identity and ultimately, better understand themselves and our country through a more nuanced, accurate telling of our origin story.

A Scalable, Repeatable Design System

Working with the client and our development partner, Inclind, the user experience and design strategy leverage the previous multi-site web framework we developed for the Pulitzer Center. This Drupal-based infrastructure allows Pulitzer to create bespoke microsites that share a technical backbone, providing the team a shortcut to developing powerful derivative sites. In a sense, that makes this site a sibling to rainforestjournalismfund.org, sharing a parent in pulitzercenter.org.

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