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Providing the Best Care for Children

Children’s National Hospital is leading the future of pediatric health through clinical excellence, life-changing research, and service to the community. Multiple units operate independently to advance clinical care, research, education, and fundraising. As a consequence of this independence, many units had their own microsites and over time had partnered with a number of agencies, including Threespot, to redesign different parts, yielding a disjointed user experience.

With the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically shifting patient expectations of a health system’s online offering, Children’s National partnered with Threespot to redesign their fragmented website into a cohesive, innovative, patient-centered digital destination.

Audience-Centered Experience.

We created user journeys that removed obstacles and minimized steps to a visitor’s goal and designed a visually rich, mobile-first experience. Our design satisfies the needs of multiple audiences and provides a clear path to  their desired destinations while also expressing the value, promise, and personality of Children’s National Hospital.

Strategically Personalize Content.

Users have the option to self-identify their audience group, which changes content and calls to action accordingly. We implemented personalization to tailor content across the site based both on a visitor’s device, audience identity, and whether they are seeking care, educational materials, donation opportunities, or are a referring physician. 

This model allows a patient caregiver on a mobile device to have quick access to a “one-click to call for an appointment” function, for example, while a desktop user may more quickly access the same tools from the search bar. The site can also recommend new pages to returning users based on their previous visits.

Safeguard User Privacy.

While people are interested in the benefits of personalized experiences, they’re often wary of sharing their personal data. Perhaps even more important, there’s an inherent risk that a user’s private health data could be exposed by personalization. We designed a number of safeguards centered around good consent and security best practices to protect sensitive information and respect each user’s ownership and management of their own data. 

  • The technology policy is written in plain English, personalization is clearly indicated as active, and users have the ability to opt-out at any time.
  • Past searches are shown next to generalized recommendations to avoid unintentionally revealing sensitive information to onlookers nearby a user.
  • The role selector includes a tooltip explaining how it alters the user’s site experience, allows users to opt out of selecting a role at all, and provides the ability to change or disable customization in each session.

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