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CompTIA / Content-rich experience to spark interest in emerging tech

Audience research, Branding, Content strategy, Measurement strategy, Video and multimedia, Website design, Website development

Make the tech industry accessible.

The demand for professionals in technology is higher than ever, yet the bulk of people entering the workforce or seeking a change view careers in IT as inaccessible. CompTIA, a leading IT trade association, approached Threespot to develop the Future of Tech, a top-of-the-funnel digital property that aims to make emerging technology interesting, thought-provoking, and relevant to future generations of professionals.

Producing compelling content.

The heart of this project was using deep audience research and consistent testing to create unique, engaging content for an audience that was overstimulated and in-demand. Through our research, we developed a persona called “The Pioneer”—early-career individuals interested in tech but not sold on tech as a career—and focused the project on reaching this group. Such a laser focus on the audience enabled us to craft a brand, design system, user experience, and content offering that specifically engaged this narrow target.

Keeping learners engaged.

Through multiple rounds of testing from prototype to production, we evolved the product and content into a cohesive digital tool that includes a range of videos, interactives, long-form text, quizzes, data visualizations, and more.

Detailed, informative long-form text serves teachers and more experienced audiences. We peppered BuzzFeed-style polls and playful clickable interactives throughout the site to keep “Pioneer” audiences engaged.

Threespot wrote, storyboarded, and produced a total of ten videos for the site: five chapter overviews (including two with original stop-motion footage) and five animated deep-dives.

The site and its content are unified by a visual identity for Future of Tech that balances trustworthiness and playfulness.

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