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The Internet Belongs to the People Who Use It

Since the dawn of the web, abusive data practices like mass surveillance and demographic profiling have subverted the promise of technology to enrich people’s lives. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) was established in 1994 to protect privacy, freedom of expression, and democratic values in the information age. As one of the first nonprofits on the web, epic.org became home to over 60,000 dense pages of content related to their decades of advocacy on behalf of technology users.

This volume of content and its antiquated design made it difficult for people to grasp who they are, what they do, and find the information they needed. By transforming the site with a more browsable, accessible experience, our redesign established epic.org as the go-to resource on emerging issues in the field of digital privacy.

Educate the Public

Concepts like “surveillance oversight” can be hard to understand and even more complex to explain. Custom illustrations complement the copy by breaking down the causes, actions, and infractions that continue to shape the way we use the internet.

Make Vital Resources Accessible for All

As a research and advocacy center with a focus on public education, EPIC had a treasure trove of information but lacked a system for organizing site content. By introducing better tools to sort and categorize, we produced an easy-to-navigate platform for information sharing. Altogether, we migrated tens of thousands of static HTML pages to a WordPress-based digital library housing decades of legal documentation and archival materials. 

Through a collaborative process with EPIC’s small but highly engaged team, we transformed their user experience, content strategy, value proposition, and visual design. The new site’s accessible approach to UX and design clearly articulates EPIC’s issue areas and advocacy efforts in an engaging, easy-to-maintain WordPress environment.

There’s a Responsible Way to Use Tracking

Virtually all websites rely on analytics and user tracking to evaluate success in meeting user needs. EPIC.org is no different, but given their mission, EPIC had to embody respect and transparency to maintain trust with their audiences. User tracking needs to be intentional, specific, and limited, and users must freely consent to be tracked. 

To align our measurement strategy with EPIC’s values, we implemented Matomo, an alternative to Google Analytics that prioritizes privacy, control, and user agency over collected data. The redesigned site collects only what is required and ensures that visitors have a clear understanding of what’s collected, why, and how it’s used.

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