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Chris Heuberger

Front-End Engineer (he/him)

Chris is a Front-End Engineer at Threespot with a focus on crafting flexible, performant, and accessible websites and memorable user experiences with crisp, dynamic visual interfaces. He’s proficient with WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, D3, GSAP, Node.js, AWS, and more. Always up for a fresh challenge, Chris enjoys technical problem solving of any kind and organizing complex systems with code.

Chris studied graphic design and digital communication at Virginia Tech before completing the Web Development Immersive course at General Assembly where he became interested in how web design and development combine to drive interaction, participation, and meaningful engagement. He leveraged that fusion of creative and technical skill at various digital agencies in the DC area and New York City where he worked on websites big and small, as well as data visualizations and all manner of digital campaigns for nonprofit and mission-driven for-profit clients, cultural and academic institutions, public service organizations, and environmental groups.

A big believer in interdisciplinary learning, when he’s not building for the web, Chris enjoys reading about science, statistics, philosophy, and cognitive psychology. He also loves listening to podcasts on long runs, cooking Mediterranean cuisine, and volunteering with kids.

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