MIT Election Lab

A product of MIT Election Data & Science Lab (MEDSL), the Elections Performance Index (EPI) provided insights into how state election policies and practices differ from state to state. Threespot worked with the MEDSL team to design and develop an interactive data visualization tool that allowed users to compare more than 30 key metrics and election process indicators across all 50 states. Users could find specific information about their state, helping them see how their state stacks up and hold their legislators accountable. By demystifying election procedures, the guidelines provided by this tool help policymakers and voters better understand and participate in our electoral system.
A white poster with large and small blue plus signs, rows of indecipherable small blue text, small red circles and red text that reads “I actually had a gentleman who used to work for me that came over from emergency management… the only big difference with elections is you know when the emergency is happening, so you know when the disaster is hitting.”.