Natural Resources Defense Council

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has shaped international environmental policy for over fifty years. Despite their tenured leadership within the environmental-organization landscape, they connected with Threespot in 2015, citing a disjointed digital presence that lacked brand cohesion and clear pathways for user engagement. In collaboration with development partner Jackson River, we conducted deep research to develop a comprehensive digital strategy, information architecture, and taxonomy that could revitalize the organization’s digital footprint and uphold their legacy. Through collaborative sessions, we aligned NRDC’s visual system and created a responsive, enterprise-level design platform.
A poster with dark blue monochrome images of a forest, a child drinking water and the ocean floor along with a cutout of a red monochrome sea turtle and a full color image of a black woman with a megaphone in a crowd with blue and white text that reads “Be a force for the future”.