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Malala Fund Girls’ Education Report / Centering the stories of youth left behind in education

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For decades, politicians, scholars, activists and professionals have hailed girls’ education as “the world’s best development investment.” Yet high-level pledges have too rarely translated into good policies and actual investment. The result: millions of girls worldwide remain shut out of classrooms, dropping out early, or left behind in learning. 

The Malala Fund partnered with Threespot to develop the Girls’ Education Report Card microsite to help activists and researchers alike demand change and accountability from governments as the UN Sustainable Development Goals deadline approaches.

Threespot developed a visually striking, interactive digital tool that allows users to compare the current status of girls’ education in 120 countries using official government data on progress in each country.

The site separates Low- and Middle-Income Country Scores from Donor Country Scores, empowering users to explore the distinct criteria by which the developing and donor countries are assessed.

The two report card pages each feature an interactive world map, allowing users to quickly access a detailed report for each selected country.

The key takeaways and recommendations from researchers are also surfaced throughout the microsite to ensure that all users leave knowing just how they should be putting pressure on their country leaders.

The experience centers the stories of youth left behind in education while leveraging the visually celebratory Malala Fund brand palette and illustrations.

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