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Telling the Untold Story of Diplomacy

Threespot created a dynamic, and interactive web experience that showcases the museum’s narrative-driven exhibits and curated collection of unique artifacts. The site also promotes both in-person and virtual events that feature current and past diplomats speaking on a range of topics from history to current events. Education is a key mandate for the museum and the site highlights educational programs, interactives, and simulations for high school and college students to develop key skills like leadership, analysis, negotiation, and teamwork that are essential life skills learned through diplomacy. The website also plays a crucial role in raising NMAD’s awareness and value in its fundraising and development efforts as it embarks on its next phase of expansion.

Helping Students Discover Their Diplomatic Skills

Threespot created an immersive interactive for high school students called “Diplomacy Decision Points,” where students play the role of a diplomat and practice their diplomacy skills. The experience leverages real scenarios from diplomatic history written by a team of diplomats and historians. Through the online experience, students draw upon various diplomatic skills to respond to a global crisis like a natural disaster.

Showcasing and Honoring a Legacy

Threespot also created the online exhibit, “Read My Pins,” that featured Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s collection of iconic label pins that became her signature trademark in her style of diplomacy. The site opens to archival footage immersing visitors with highlights from the Secretary’s venerable career. The heart of the experience displays more than 200 pins, where each pin is accompanied by the powerful stories and historical significance behind their design and her choice of when and where to wear them. Delightful and subtle animation is used throughout the design to bring the collection to life. 

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