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Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) helps grantmakers cut through the noise to find the advice, best practices, and knowledge that will help them make a real difference where it matters most. GEO wanted to breathe life into their online presence, so Threespot reimagined their visual brand, redesigned their website, and created a unique membership experience that reflects GEO at its best.

Visual Brand Identity System and Design Principles

GEO is all about creating communities of change and progress, and they wanted their visual identity to go beyond the dry, staid brands that define their space by fully embracing their grassroots reality. Threespot developed a visual aesthetic and brand system that could be applied across platforms to project GEO’s action-focused, human touch wherever the foundation professionals they serve would interact with them.

A moodboard with layout samples for GEO.
A moodboard with colors, fonts, and sample data visualizations for GEO.

Resultsof Visual Brand Identity System and Design Principles

A versatile, unified visual identity that reflects the soul of the organization

Website Redesign

Threespot applied the new visual identity to a whole website redesign, bringing that human touch to not only GEO’s visual brand, but also to their content strategy. We created unique engagement strategies to deliver resources to members while also funneling people through the sign-up process. GEO’s user experience is unique to each site visitor thanks to a complex system of gated content and other personalization features that match a visitor’s interests with the content they’re served.

A screenshot of the GEO homepage on a web browser. A screenshot of the GEO Resources page on a mobile device.

Resultsof the Website Redesign

Twelve percent increase in average session duration in the first 2 months after launch

Membership Dashboard

Keeping membership engaged is a high priority for GEO, so Threespot built a membership dashboard that keeps the most relevant content for a given member at their fingertips. With quick access to community features, personalized content based on individual interests, and webinar and event suggestions, the membership dashboard is truly a hub for grantmaking professionals looking to better serve their nonprofit partners.

Screenshot of the Geo membership login page.
Screenshot of the Geo dashboard after a member logs in.

Resultsof Membership Dashboard

Dashboard sessions from returning visitors has grown +57% over the same time last year


  • Brand strategy & architecture
  • Content & editorial strategy
  • Enterprise digital strategy
  • Online & offline campaign development
  • Organizational change mgmt.
  • Social media strategy & training
  • Workflow & staffing consultation
  • Information architecture
  • Content development
  • User interface design
  • Data visualization & infographics
  • CMS consultation
  • CMS integration & development
  • Application design & development
  • Mobile websites & applications
  • Software consultation
  • Web development
  • Quality assurance
  • Usability testing
  • Search engine optimization

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